Contractors Edge Launches Renescrow™: Available Free of Charge for Those Affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Contractors Edge Launches Renescrow™: Available Free of Charge for Those Affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Today, Contractors Edge is launching the premier homeowner and contractor renovation escrow product called Renescrow™ featuring One Click Easy Escrow. Renescrow gives homeowners and contractors the safest and easiest way to open escrow for any home improvement project. With the recent devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Contractors Edge is also making Renescrow available for homeowners and contractors in affected areas with no associated fees.


Typically, a complex and time-consuming activity, Renescrow has simplified the escrow process, making it available online with a "one-click" easy transfer process. Accounts are conveniently and securely funded using a credit card, eCheck, Automatic Bank Transfer (ACH), or wire transfer. Contractors Edge is proud to be the only home renovation solution offering convenient credit card escrow services for homeowners and contractors.

Edward Longstrom, President of Contractors Edge said, "Homeowners can feel secure that their money and property are protected; contractors receive payment quickly – straight to their bank account. Clients love the service and can't imagine doing a project without it."  This along with the full feature toolkit of electronic invoices, e-signature contracts, and invoicing provides a complete solution for everyone.


Contractors Edge is also committed to helping where they can in aftermath of recent natural disasters, which is why they're offering Renescrow to homeowners and contracts free. Ed Longstrom said, "My family and I have been through 2 massive 100-year floods that devastated my community in the last 5 years and this was the genesis of why I had to create Renesrow™. These disasters bring out the best and unfortunately the worst in people. I will feel better knowing that homeowners and contractors using our Renescrow product for home renovations and remodeling are safely and securely transferring funds during every day projects and especially after natural disaster strikes."

About Renescrow™

Renescrow is powering the home improvement service market with a premier, full-service online and mobile escrow solution for homeowners and contractors. Our unique Renescrow product easily and securely transfers funds between homeowners and contractors. Thousands of homeowners and businesses have used our escrow service to protect their money and property; contractors use the service to get paid quickly and in full. It's never been easier to achieve your home improvement dreams!